Newsroom / Press Releases

2.13.2017 How to Make Jewish Philanthropy Go Further
2.3.2017 The New Israeli-Americans
1.26.2017 The Search for Low-Hanging Fruit
1.6.2017 JNF-USA’s 'Caravan for Democracy' brings dozens of non-Jewish college students to Israel
12.12.2016 Instilling Jewish pride, building courage and fostering brotherhood
11.23.2016 Transforming a Complicated Past to A Promising Future: Why Christians and Jews Must Come Together to Battle Surging Anti-Semitism
10.26.2016 Antisemitism in America is rising on the Right and the Left
10.18.2016 Being ourselves: How Israeli-Americans have cultivated a new movement
10.11.2016 The IAC’s Third Annual Conference: Embracing a New Identity, Building a Movement and Changing Jewish Future
10.10.2016 Jerusalem Post 50 Most Influential Jews: Number 39 - Adam Milstein
9.22.2016 The Bizrael Bridge to Israeli Tech and Entrepreneurial Innovation
9.12.2016 Congressman Brad Sherman's Letter to UCLA Chancellor Gene Block in defense of Milan Chatterjee
9.6.2016 Empowering the Israeli-American Identity
8.18.2016 My Personal Philanthropic Journey: Why giving is the greatest joy of all
8.2.2016 Living in the Diaspora
7.29.2016 Universal Jewish Wisdom: Building Partnerships – a personal story
7.19.2016 Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by applying too soon
7.18.2016 Commemorating the 40th anniversary of Israel’s July 1976 Raid on Entebbe: The State of Israel ensures that “Never Again” remains a reality
7.8.2016 Israel Air Force F-15 Eagles over Auschwitz
6.20.2016 Podcast: Adam Milstein & Haim Saban

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